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about chilworth

SCE is a leading North American process safety company specializing in the safe manufacture, handling, storage, and transportation of energetic and explosive materials.

Our team of highly experienced scientists and engineers has decades of experience identifying and remediating safety-related deficiencies in both the commercial and government sectors.

We are experts in interpretation and application of federal and domestic industry regulations, as well as many international regulations, pertaining to the safety of energetic and explosive materials including DOD, DOT, OSHA, and EPA regulations.

SCE is a Full-service DOT Competent Authority testing facility for full setup of all your small-scale, up to large-scale testing needs. One of our DOT approved examiners will witness the testing and provide the Hazard Classification Recommendation for your EX# submission

SCE’s testing facilities are regularly inspected by DOT, DoD, DSS, DCMA, ATF, BLS, and other governing agencies, to ensure our facilities are in compliance with and meet regulations such as: DoD Physical Security, Site Plans, Safety Plans, Minimum Quantity Distance, HazMat and Explosives Storage; among other required protocols. SCE complies with GLPs, and ITAR, and utilizes a secure messaging system for ITAR-controlled correspondence.

SCE provides expert testing, analysis and classification services for other hazardous materials per DOT, UN, IATA, ASTM, NFPA, ANSI, ASHRAE, AOP-7, TB 700-2, 49CFR, MIL-STD, NAVSEA, OSHA, and any other test standard or protocol.

Our engineers and scientists have decades of experience related to energetic, explosive and hazardous materials including evaluation and application of testing methodologies, development of custom tests, data acquisition and analysis, and application of test results to the specific material or process or question.