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Comprehensive consulting services include many technical and safety issues related to explosive and nonexplosive materials, insensitive munitions, fire safety, accident investigation, safety design and development, and auditing throughout various industries.

Our staff have decades of experience related to energetic, explosive, and hazardous materials, including evaluation and application of testing methodologies, data acquisition and analysis, and application of proven results to the specific material, process or field in question. We bring over 200 years of combined knowledge, expertise and experience in a variety of fields to focus on safety in the workplace, on the road, and in the materials our clients use in manufacturing in both the commercial and government sectors.

We also can provide a variety training courses and webinars on the prevention and mitigation of hazards associated with explosives, energetic materials, propellants and pyrotechnics.

Contact one of Safety Consulting Engineers’ process safety consultants with details of your project.