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SCE has a team of highly skilled Process Safety Specialists and Engineers on staff who can work with you and your Research and Development team to create a Customized Testing Program designed to meet or exceed the scope of your project. The analysis of some products or materials included in larger projects may originate as simple testing requests; however, due to certifications, protocols, government, or other regulatories, additional testing must take place, before your final customer(s) or the eventual consumer may utilize it.

Through meetings or conferences, the exchange of technical data, drawings or concepts, similar tests, hypotheses, experimental studies, and simulation testing results, our experts combine over 100 years of Process Safety testing and consulting experience to create a unique testing program and Test Plan.
SCE provides all custom test plans based upon modified, proven industry standards, and standard operating procedures, to provide you with the needed tests results, so as to help you meet your product or development goals.

Some examples of our Custom Testing programs include:

  • Thermal Stability Process Calorimetry and Shock Sensitivity Tests for In-Process Products
  • Fire Suppression Testing using Various Experimental Fire Suppressants
  • Flammability Mapping Testing in a Closed Room (Experimental Modeling Validation of CFD)
  • Off-Gassing Evaluation of Pouch Cells for Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Reactivity/Stability of Hydraulic and Mineral Oil with Process Chemicals Pressure and Temperature
  • Gas/Liquid Flammability Characteristics at Elevated Temperature and Pressure
  • Modified Autoignition Temperature using ASTM E659 standard in a Large Vessel, up to 50 Liters
  • Vaporization Rate Study of Propane Tank at Different Temperature Conditions
  • Determining the Explosive Potential of In-Process Aluminum dust and/or any Combustible dust
  • Hazards Evaluation Testing of Chemicals Under Process Conditions
  • Mechanical Electrical Integrity Under Detonation Shock
  • Testing and Analysis of Detonation/Deflagration Arrestors to Prevent Explosion Hazards
  • Open or Confined Dust/Vapor Explosions Study
  • R&D on Demining, Operation on Ground and Under Water