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Let us evaluate your products, systems and industrial plants.

SCE process safety specialists are highly experienced in evaluating products, process systems and industrial plants for virtually every conceivable type of safety hazard. We routinely conduct chemical, engineering and system process hazard analysis (PHAs) to assess risk, ensure and improve worker and plant safety and reduce the consequences of accidental releases of hazardous chemicals or energies in the workplace.

Process hazard analysis has been described as “the accident investigation before the accident.” By evaluating a material’s sensitivity, reactivity, in-process potentials, engineered controls, procedural controls, and other process parameters, we can proactively identify the potential hazards of the material or process and the consequences if the process does not function as planned in order to prevent and mitigate hazardous incidents and accidents.

In addition to identifying hazards consistent with process complexity, we document all PHA findings and recommendations.

PHA Methodology
SCE conducts an initial qualitative risk assessment to determine the relevant scope of hazards and the availability of requisite process and material information. This is followed by appropriate testing as needed and an in-depth qualitative risk and hazard analysis. For critical scenarios a quantitative analysis is also recommended. Through these risk assessments, all relevant in-process energy sources and potential threshold initiation levels are determined, material sensitivity and response evaluated and, through engineering calculations, qualitative and quantitative hazard ranking and evaluation is determined.

We then propose corrective actions to mitigate and/or prevent identified hazards. These recommendations might include changes in engineering controls such as system design, addition of interlocks, etc; administrative controls, including modifications to operational procedures; or additional education or training on the process and its hazards for employees. Lastly, we calculate the effective reductions in risk based on incorporation of the appropriate corrective actions.

SCE also assists clients in the development of reporting methods to track implementation of PHA recommendations.

Our comprehensive PHA services include:

  • Evaluation of process materials, technology and equipment information for completeness as applicable to performing the process hazards analysis
  • Development and compilation of hazardous materials information
  • Identification and evaluation of process hazards
  • Updating PHA’s and related consulting services for changed or modified processes/ equipment
  • Development or integration of processes/systems to track PHA recommendations
  • Documentation of corrective actions resulting from PHA findings/recommendations
  • Organization of process safety and MSDS information
  • Development of policies and procedures for the storage and retrieval of all PHA safety information and PHA documentation