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Safety Consulting Engineers (SCE) conducts a complete range of testing services including: Dust Explosion, Gas & Vapor Flammability, Electrostatics, Flammability of Refrigerant Blends, and Materials Characterization.

Our extensive range of standard laboratory tests supports process hazard analyses. We conduct testing on any solid, powder/dust, liquid, gas, or mixtures of materials for initiation sensitivity, speed of propagation, and explosiveness. We also conduct field tests; such as explosivity, blasting, burn rate, as well as propagation; at our remote quarry test site in western Illinois. If required/necessary, we also conduct material tests in situ at our clients’ facilities.

In addition to the above, we also provide the following testing services:

  • Chemical reactivity testing
  • Thermal sensitivity testing
  • Mechanical sensitivity testing
  • Customized & large-scale testing

Dust Explosion Testing

We conduct a wide range of laboratory tests to determine the ignition sensitivity and explosion severity of powders/dusts and quantify the risk associated with specific manufacturing, handling, packaging, transportation, and storage. The information derived for the results of these tests help prevent or mitigate hazardous incidents in the workplace.

Comprehensive dust explosion testing services include:

  • Explosibility Screening (Go / No Go) - Measure of a dust cloud explosibility
  • Kst and Pmax Values – Measure of explosion severity. Used in the design of explosion protection measures such as relief vent sizing, suppression, and containment.
  • Minimum Explosible Concentration (MEC) – Measure of the minimum dust cloud concentration for flame propagation
  • Limiting Oxidant Concentration (LOC) – Measure of the oxidant concentration below which an explosion will not occur. Used in designing inerting systems.
  • Minimum Ignition Energy – Measure of sensitivity to ignition by electrostatic discharge
  • Minimum Ignition Temperature – Measure of sensitivity to ignition by hot environments, hot surfaces, friction sparks, and temperature rating of electrical equipment
  • Electrostatic resistivity, conductivity, and Chargeability – Measure of electrostatic charge generation, accumulation, and discharge possibility
  • OSHA Combustible Dust NEP Services – Package of tests and consulting services required to comply with OSHA NEP

Gas and Vapor Flammability Testing

Our comprehensive tests for Gas & vapor flammability include:

  • Minimum Ignition Energy – Vapor
  • Limits of Flammability (LFL and UFL)
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Limiting Oxidant Concentration (LOC)
  • Flash Point
  • Autoignition Temperature (AIT)
  • Autoignition Temperature at High Pressure
  • Explosion Severity / (Pmax, dP/dt – Kg)
  • Open Burning – Liquids
  • Sustained Combustibility
  • Flammability diagram

Materials Characterization Testing

We perform over 40 standard tests to characterize materials under actual process conditions. These standard tests include material sensitivity testing (e.g., impact, friction, electrostatic discharge, chemical properties, etc.), DOT, and DoD testing. We also provide customized testing to meet specialized client needs.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing

We conduct ESD testing to determine the response of an explosive material when subjected to various levels of electrostatic discharge energy. Our laboratory testing services include minimum ignition energy, conductivity, surface and volume resistivity, charge decay (relaxation) time, and chargeability. We also perform electrostatic hazards assessments and incident investigations.

Additional services include:

  • On-site electrostatic measurements/investigations
  • Electrostatic charge elimination/control
  • Electrostatic research & development
  • Measurement of surface and volume resistivity and charge relaxation time: sheets, films, fabrics, foils, and coatings
  • Propagating brush discharge testing and breakdown voltage measurement: sheets, films, fabrics, foils, and coatings

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